Step 1. To prepare for your consultation provide 2-3 photos of your desired style.

These photos should reflect your

     1. Desired Texture

     2. Desired color 

     3. Desired style for service


Step 2. During your consultation your natural hair will need to be free of any extensions, twists and or braids. If not, prior to your consultation provide a current picture of your hair submitted via email to This picture is  to be taken in bright lighting in clear depiction to support the virtual consultation needs.

   -if there are any compromised areas of hair loss/baldness, this should be very visible in pictures submitted.


press to zoom

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Step 3. Schedule an in-house or virtual consultation at

Step 4.At the completion of your consultation a quote and appointment date will be provided for you. Consultations are typically 15 minutes or less at a cost of $20.00


We look forward to your visit