What is a hair unit?

A hair unit, most commonly referred to as a “man weave,” is a hair extension for persons who experience hair loss.

Are loc/braid/twist and long hair unit options available?
A consultation is required. 

Is a deposit required to make an appointment?
non-refundable deposit of $225 is required to reserve the service 

Can the unit be removed, shampooed and reapplied?
Only our sweat resistant units can be re-installed


Can I get the unit wet (e.g., exercising, shower, rain, etc.)?
 normal daily activities can commence after install of the hair unit, inclusive of exercise. However, extreme sweating or excessive exposure to water and or heat can loosen the unit.  Each type of unit has specific maintenance directions and restrictions vary and be provided for you at your appointment

What is the difference between a hair unit and a toupee?
Hair units offer more versatility for styling options, offering a more natural look than a toupee

Will there be any surgical procedures performed?
NO surgical procedures will be performed

Should I purchase and supply my own hair.

NO. Everything you will need will be provided for you 

Will my existing hair be cut where the unit will be placed?
Yes, the hair growing where the unit will be placed must be removed in order to properly secure the unit to your head. The majority of installs will require the removal of most of your existing hair. 

How long does the service take?
The service will take approximately 2-3 hours but vary depending on style request and condition of your existing hair.